Steel partitioning with single glazed glass windows in excellent condition.

Double skin steel panels sit into a floor channel and lock into adjacent panels by means of a `H` post making installation fast, simple and secure.

Completely demountable, enabling one panel to be removed without having to dismantle the whole enclosure thus making it extremely flexible.

Perfect for dividing a warehouse or adding office and storage areas.

Or creating a functional working space in an industrial application, such as a manufacturing plant.

Panel Heights

Standard Panels:
Panel widths mainly 1000mm
Infill panel widths: 600 – 900 mm
(25 linear metres)

Glazed panels:
Panel widths mainly 1000mm
(48 linear metres)
Quantities: 75 linear metres in total

Prices from £124.50 + vat per metre for supply only.

Suitable for a range of environments including;
  ◦ Office Spaces
  ◦ Production Areas
  ◦ Canteens
  ◦ QC Areas
  ◦ Specialist Production
  ◦ Research & Development
  ◦ Isolation areas

Can be used to help control atmospheric changes such as temperature, dust or prevent contamination. Suitable to use on top of mezzanine floors.

Available now from our Leeds warehouse.
We deliver UK wide.

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