Low Level Display Stand UPR044BB

Low Level Display Stand

850mm x 980mm. 165mm to top of wooden pallet.


Ideal for display and storage in shops, warehouses, garages and greenhouses, where items need to be above floor level.

Please quote reference UPR044BB


Volume discount, please call 0113 242 8343 for more information.






Used Speedrail Trolleys USPRT007

Used Speedrail Trolleys / Jets, manufactured by SDI Greenstone. Suits Hanging Garment Systems with 3/4″ – 1″ Nb Tube Systems.

Heavy Duty split bearing twin wheels. 990mm long.

Limited quantities available.

usprt007 2

Please quote product code USPRT007.

Price: £11.50+VAT Each.

Volume discounts apply, please contact us on 0113 242 8343 for details. We also carry Speedrail Garment System components – call or email for further information.

Used Probe Steel Lockers – ULOC001

Great condition Probe Steel Lockers.


P1020882 (Large)

1780mm (high excluding slope) x 910mm (wide) x 455mm (deep) – 2 Full Height Doors. £40+VAT Each (£20 per locker). Product Ref. ULOC001A. 80 Units Available.


P1020887 (Large)

1780mm (high excluding slope) x 610mm (wide) x 380mm (deep) – 4 Half Height Doors. £SOLD+VAT Each (£SOLD per locker). Product Ref. ULOC001B. 20 Units Available.


P1020949 (Large)

1780mm (high excluding slope) x 910mm (wide) x 455mm (deep) – 4 Full Height Doors. £60+VAT Each (£15.00 per locker). Product Ref. ULOC001F. 40 Units Available.

All lockers have a hasp & staple suitable for padlocks.

P1030076 (Large)

In stock at our Leeds warehouse (LS10 1AD). Call us on 0113 2428343.

Used Steel Pegboard – Workshop / Display – UPR044X/Y


Used Steel Pegboard Units – Great Condition.

Perfect for a workshop or retail display setup. 2 sizes available. Robust heavy duty construction.

1275mm (wide) x 510mm (high) x 55mm (deep). Ref. UPR044X – £12.50+VAT each.

2675mm (wide) x 510mm (high) x 55mm (deep). Ref. UPR044Y – £25.00+VAT each.

Hole spacings are 25.4mm (1 inch). Should suit most pegboard hooks. Units can be bolted together to create bigger areas. Please call for further information.

Around 100no. available of each size.

Pegboard retail hooks also available – from 80mm (length) to 700mm with prices  from £0.25 to £0.75+VAT each.

Pegboard Hooks

UPR045P up to 120mm £SOLD+VAT each

UPR045Q up to 200mm £0.40p+VAT each

UPR045R up to 250mm £0.50p+VAT each

UPR045S up to 390mm £0.60p+VAT each

UPR045T up to 700mm £0.75p+VAT each

Viewing available at our Leeds warehouse (LS10 1AD). Call Nick on (0113) 2428343.

Used Pallet Racking with Decking Boards – UPR044



Used Link 51 Pallet Racking in great condition comprising:
Frames from 2200mm x 600mm (£22+VAT) upto 4500mm x 900mm (£50+VAT)
Beams (Step/Base & Box) from 1290mm (£4.50+VAT) to 2670mm (£12.50+VAT)
Decking Boards to suit from £6+VAT.

decks lorry


Exterior Galvanised Pallet Racking also available in similar sizes.

Product Ref. UPR044 & UPR045 (Exterior Racking).

Volume discounts available. Contact the office on 0113 2428343.

Used Warehouse Workbenches – UPR043R

Used Dexion Speedlock Warehouse Workbenches. UPR043.P1020390 (Large)

Height 900mm, Lengths 2400mm & 3000mm, Depth 900mm. Finished with used 38mm Chipboard.

Super Heavy Duty!

1800mm (length) x 900mm (depth) x 900mm (high) – £60+VAT (UPR043RA)

2400mm (length) x 900mm (depth) x 900mm (high) – £79+VAT (UPR043R)

3000mm (length) x 900mm (depth) x 900mm (high) – £96+VAT (UPR043RB)

Product Ref. UPR043R.

P1020395 (Large)

P1020391 (Large)


CLEARANCE – Used Garment Racking – UGR033-36

Clearance – End of line Used Garment Racking.

BATCH 1 – UGR033


  • 3 Bay Run – 2 levels of beams per bay.
  • 4no. Frames 2400x500mm. @ £12.50+VAT each.
  • 12no. Beams 1800mm. @ £4+VAT each.
  • Capacity: 1,400 garments (shirts / blouses)
  • UGR033 – £SOLD+VAT complete.

BATCH 2 – UGR034


  • 3 Bay Run – 2 levels of beams per bay.
  • 4no. Frames 2400x650mm. @ £14.00+VAT each.
  • 12no. Beams 1500mm. @ £3.50+VAT each.
  • Capacity: 1,200 garments (shirts / blouses)
  • UGR034 – £SOLD+VAT complete.

BATCH 3 – UGR035

P1020505 (Large)

  • 2 Bay Run – 3 levels of beams per bay (photo shows 2).
  • 3no. Frames 2500x490mm @ £5.00+VAT each.
  • 12no. Beams 1800mm. @ £3.00+VAT each.
  • Capacity: 1,400 garments (shirts / blouses).
  • UGR034 – £51+VAT complete.

BATCH 4 – UGR036

P1020537 (Large)

  • 4 Bay Run – 2 levels of beams per bay.
  • 5no. Frames 2000x570mm @ £14.00+VAT each.
  • 16no. Beams 965mm. @ £3.00+VAT each.
  • Capacity: 1,050 garments (shirts / blouses).
  • UGR036 – £SOLD+VAT complete.